dinner: the rest

….roasted venison and then decided to not have it with like, a pile of potatoes and a pile of anothervegetable so made some kind of ragu (?) maybe? with onions, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, zucchini, tomato, and added the venison+drippings to it. also made spaetzle which auto correct would like to call “spackle”.

spackle batter.

i used a cheese grater to push the batter through because the colander i have has pretty small holes.  after boiling the spaetzle (it’s basically fresh pasta, people) i pan-fried it in some bacon fat (I KNOW) so it got a bit of a crispy outside.  these are the things of the old country. fat, white, etc.

spaetzle and stew-y thing together, forever.

the combo of the tomato and the venison was really good/rich and something i had never done before so fucking congratulations to me.

wouldja look at that.